What Amount Do Australians Lose On Gambling Annually?

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Australians are one of the top nationalists that are so exciting about gambling and more than 80% of the adults within it. The game of gambling is surely exciting and enthralling for one where you get a chance to win larger rewards, but risk and loss of money are constant in the game.

Not everyone is lucky in the game of gambling; also, not everyone engages in the practice for monetary purposes, so there is a huge amount that is taken as a loss for Australians gamblers annually. Let us look at the Australians world’s biggest gambling losers; those were too unfortunate in the game of numbers.

Australians gamblers and losing amount!

A slot machine is one of the top preferred games in gambling, and also it is highly profitable for gambling operators. People lose most money into such games, but still, they don’t regret due to the relishing experience.

australians gamblers

According to government statistics, individual Australians annual gambling losses have amounted to 24 billion Australian dollars that is $18.4. Australians lose more than most Australians earn every year, which left shook everybody. American adults losses only half of the amount that Australian adults lose per year.

Gambling operators find it really disturbing when people are against gambling as they are millions and even billions every year due to gamblers. Slot machines allow people to have larger revenues on which gambling operators can rely and making state governments understand the condition.

The reason behind the major numbers of gambling operators in Australia is due to revenues that are larger than life. In addition, Australians are great with gambling practices, but the reason behind such great losses is the higher number of participation of Australian adults into the gameplay.

Also, slot machines are added to pubs, clubs, and even a bar with the addition of a gaming room that makes people engage in practice more often, leading to better revenues.


Let us recapitulate from the details stated above that share how you cannot terminate risk but still enjoy gambling games just like Australians do every year. In addition, Australian adults spend most of their income into gambling as they are immensely driven by gambling practices.

The number of amount Australians loses on gambling per year left everyone amazed, and no doubt, good money to gambling operators means higher taxes; that is why the government doesn’t really restrict the practice and consider it as a recreational hobby for Australians.